Saturday, April 27, 2019 – Last full day in San Antonio

So I had no idea when I headed for the “historic Market Square” how bad an idea that was for this afternoon.

(Shops, restaurants and vibrant surroundings. All at Market Square. A three-block outdoor plaza lined with shops, and restaurants in downtown San Antonio, Market Square is the largest Mexican market in the United States. The “El Mercado” and the “Farmer’s Market Plaza” boast more than 100 locally owned shops and stalls. Enjoy the sights and flavors of old Mexico and find authentic Talavera pottery, exotic curios and handcrafted works of art. Stay for the gourmet Mexican cuisine at Mi Tierra and La Margarita, or kick back at the Farmers Market Food Court and enjoy the show on the stage.)

I knew that tonight was the big illuminated parade – Fiesta Flambeau.  Two parades in one week was enough for me so I was not attending.  However when I reached the market square area at noon or so the streets were already lined with pop up tents, chairs and all kinds of stuff saving their place for the 7:00pm parade.   These people take their parade watching seriously.  Anyway that meant that parking was a mess.  I finally found someplace and paid to park.  I walked a couple of blocks to the market square.  Well thousands of my new friends were also at the market.  It was crowded!  I wandered in and out for a short while but I did not last long.  Here is a couple of photos of the worst of it:


So I found my car and headed north away from the madness.  Unfortunately when I headed back thru town to the campground traffic was backed up on the highway as people at 6:00pm were trying to get to the downtown area I assume to watch the parade.

I finally reached the trailer and was surprised to see that a Casita trailer had pulled in next to my Eggcamper.  They are another egg shaped trailer.

Hitching up and heading north tomorrow.


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