#251 – Monday, April 29, 2019 – 8 hours worth of modifications and repairs

I arrived at Little Home on the Road at 11:00 for my appointment today.  This is a small shop where two guys (Terry & Josh) perform modifications, upgrades, routine maintenance and repairs on Casita travel trailers.  Casita is a very similar fiberglass trailer to my EggCamper.  They also have a company that designs and makes many of the items.  They were super nice, excited by new challenges.

Neither of them had ever seen an EggCamper before.  That is why I had to stop two weeks ago for them to take a look and see if they could do what I wanted done.

My main request was to have shocks put on the EggCamper.  They designed the shock kit as none of the fiberglass trailers have shocks.  The shocks cut down on the bounce in the trailer which causes your stuff to bounce around inside the trailer.

Due to slight difference in the frame, they had to install a lift kit first.  This is something many people to do to their Casitas.  It raises your trailer up 3 inches which gives you more clearance.  They also installed a hand grip on the outside by the door, shortened the safety chains that were crazy long, installed a new hitch rise to allow for the trailer being 3 inches taller and helped me find the burnt fuse that was causing my 12 volt to not charge while driving.  They also found issues with my brake plates and wheel bearings so fixed those as well.

So I left the trailer there at 11:00 and went to the Fort Worth botanical gardens and did some shopping while they worked.  They were also doing some work on another trailer.





I went back at 5:30 and they said I could take the trailer and stay another night and finish tomorrow or they would continue on till they were done this evening.

I really wanted to move on and they were fine with that.  So they finished and I left there at 7:30pm.  I drove 68 miles to Thackerville, OK to stay overnight at WinStar Casino.  I arrived at 9:00pm.  It is 435 miles home from here.

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