#257 – Sunday, August 25, 2019 – South Dakota

I left Doniphan, NE about noon and drove 406 miles to Angostura Recreation Area.  There is a large reservoir lake that covers 4407 acres with the recreation area along the eastern side.  There are four campgrounds.


The sites here were electric only so I had to stop and fill my water tank before parking.  I stopped just before my site to take a few photos of the sunset.


I am in the mountain time zone here so I arrived and was setting up about 7:15pm which felt like 8:15pm to me.

I am staying here with a fiberglass trailer group of twenty trailers.  When I drove in I was excited to see another EggCamper.  In seven years of owning my EggCamper I have never seen another one in person.  There were only 130 produced.

So I was set up by 8:00pm and by 9:00pm I heard raindrops on the roof.  Ten minutes later I hear a very, very loud siren going off.  So that had never happened to me while camping before.  So I drove over to the camp host location that was across from the shower/bathroom house and people were filing in.  I guess this is the strongest shelter available in the campground.  So I am standing in the men’s room with fifteen other campers while the siren continues and the wind blows and it rains.  It was a good way to meet people.  I met Pat and Linda from Illinois, the owners of the other EggCamper.  Their EggCamper was produced the same year as mine – 2010.  They also travel with two dogs.

The siren finally stopped and at 9:30pm a park ranger stopped by and told us it was clear to return to our trailers.

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