#260 – Wednesday, August 28, 2019 -Moving Campgrounds

South Dakota Map

This gathering was planned with two campgrounds to allow for visiting the southern areas while staying on the southern end and visiting the northern areas while staying on the northern end.

So we all packed up and moved on today.  I left the campground about 11:45am and went to Rapid City for lunch and shopping on the way.  Gas was $2.75 per gallon here.

I arrived at Rush No More Campground about 5:30pm.  It is located 10 minutes south of the famous Sturgis, South Dakota.

After getting set up I went over to visit Pat and Linda in the other EggCamper.  It was so interesting to see how someone else has customized their EggCamper to fit their needs.  Then they came over to see mine.


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