Moving On……

After nine and a half years I sold the EggCamper and the new owners picked it up and are on their way home to Alabama.

The EggCamper has been a wonderful part of my life allowing me to visit many beautiful and interesting places while pushing me out of my comfort zone with a big learning curve.

Last summer (2020) I made the decision that I was going to retire at the end of 2021 and travel full-time while I am mentally and physically able. One never knows when that might change. While I loved the trailer I could not see it being a good option for full-time living.

So I gave notice in July, sold the trailer today and my new motorhome is supposed to arrive in the next 30 days. I have about 8 weeks left at work and will be sorting, purging, selling, and storing in preparation to sell my house in December or January.

I hope to be able to “slow travel” really enjoying the journey and the destinations.