(April 2012)

I purchased a 2010 EggCamper in April 2012.

I had been considering buying a small trailer for some time and for various reasons had decided that I wanted an EggCamper. I don’t have the skill or the will for restoration or repair of an older egg so I had determined that I wanted a new or fairly new EggCamper. Finding a used EggCamper is very difficult and I was pretty close to ordering a new EggCamper when I saw an ad for a 2010 EggCamper that had been used twice.

So….I had never seen an EggCamper in person…I had never towed anything and never been camping…and I bought the trailer sight unseen the next day…did I mention that the trailer was 750 miles from where I live?

The sellers were super nice thru the entire transaction. They kept the trailer an extra couple of weeks until I could get three days off work to make the trip to get the trailer.

My youngest sister and I made the trip and successfully towed the trailer home with no issues. The EggCamper was in pristine condition and the owners had made several excellent additions/modifications to the EggCamper that increased the value of the trailer.

The sellers also provided much needed advice and instruction. I do think they thought I was a little crazy but they were very helpful while thinking it.

So I have a lot to learn but I am eager to figure it all out.

(May 2012)

Five weeks after I bought the trailer I found out that my job of 32 years was being eliminated as of Sept 14, 2012.

(June & July 2012)

I removed all the cabinet doors and painted them.  My mom and I made curtains for the windows and the shower.

Removing the cabinet doors to paint

Material for curtains

(July 27-29, 2012)

Lake Ahquabi State Park, Indianola, IA

I took the trailer to Indianola, IA to attend a hot air balloon festival.  My sister, brother-in-law and nephews took their tent and we stayed at Lake Ahquabi State Park (240 miles each way). Sites are electric only.  It was 84 degrees on Friday and 85 on Saturday.  Balloons were able to fly on Friday night but it was too windy on Saturday night.  It was a good first trip…went pretty well and learned a few things.

(Sept 1-3, 2012)

Shenanigans RV Park, Branson, MO

My Mom and I took the trailer to Branson, MO (155 miles each way) over Labor Day weekend to practice at an RV park with full hook-ups in preparation for my extended trip beginning Sept 15.  It was 87 degrees on Saturday, 92 degrees on Sunday and 99 degrees on Monday.  Went pretty well and learned a few more things.

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  1. What model is your Toyota? Wondering what my next car will be and for as much as you drive with your camper I’m sure it’ll fit all my needs too, curious 🙂 Thanks!!

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