Wednesday, February 13, 2013 (Day 9) – Mobile to Fort Pickens Campground, Pensacola Beach, FL

P1040135 (640x480) P1040136 (640x480) P1040142 (640x480) P1040151 (640x480)Chilly here today (low 50’s) with drizzle most of the day.

Drove about 80 miles from Mobile to Pensacola Beach, FL – Fort Pickens Campground.

On my way out of Mobile, I stopped at Battleship Memorial Park.  I toured the USS Alabama Battleship and Submarine USS Drum.  I am always thankful for the people that serve our country in the past and currently.  When you tour these boats it is a vivid reminder of the conditions they lived in.  Not only would they have had to live in very small spaces away from their families risking their lives but I cannot imagine what the noise level must of have been inside the boats.  My voice echoed in the rooms and to think of that multiplied by 2500 men.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 (Day 8) – Parades in the Rain

So the policy in Mobile is that parades go on in all weather unless there are high winds or lightning.  So at 11:00am I left for downtown Mobile.  It was gently raining.  I watched three parades.

The rain varied from a gentle mist to a pretty good downpour over the afternoon.  Everyone was wet…the spectators, the float riders and the bands.  The only saving grace is that is was over 60 degrees so at least I was warm and wet.

It is still very interesting to observe how people act at these parades.  You expect children to want everything they can get but it is surprising what grown adults will do.

Today was the normal beads and cups along with the moonpies.  In addition was a lot of Little Debbie snacks…many times entire boxes thrown.  They also had small packages of chips and candy.  They also throw some stuffed animals.  All sizes including rarely a very, very large stuffed animal.  I read that the stuffed animals are pre-owned….I would believe that as none of them were packaged or had any kind of tags on them.

I left downtown at 4:00pm and went back to the trailer.  I have wet everything hanging in the shower and on hooks everywhere.  I had some soup and toast for dinner and am getting ready to move on tomorrow.

P1040118 (640x480)

P1040126 (640x480)

P1040129 (640x480)

The photo below shows a big was a few inches deep.  I saw a grown man with his arms already so full he could not hold anything else dive into this puddle to catch something……he was laying down in the puddle to keep someone else from getting whatever it was.P1040130 (640x480)

P1040132 (640x480)

Above is my haul from Mobile….and I really was not trying very hard to catch stuff and I gave away a bunch of moonpies and stuff to the kids next to me.

Monday, February 11, 2013 (Day 7) – Mobile, AL

Rained here off and on all day.  Drove around Mobile today.  They have some beautiful old homes here and some beautiful tree lined avenues.

I did attend a Mardi Gras parade here today in the rain.  Mobile quotes that they started the Mardi Gras parade tradition.  The parade I watched today had mostly children on all the floats.  I forgot to take my camera to the parade so no photos today.

One thing that is unique here…in addition to the beads and other misc things they throw…they also throw moonpies…lots of moonpies.

There are five more parades scheduled for tomorrow.  Weather is calling for rain for most of the day tomorrow.


Sunday, February 10, 2013 (Day 6) – Moving on to Mobile, Alabama

I left Fontainebleau State Park at 10:00am this morning and drove 125 miles thru Miss issippi to Mobile, Alabama.  I am staying at Shady Acres Campground on the outskirts of Mobile.  I did not stop much along the way as we were expecting rain and high winds and wanted to be off the road and unhitched before the rain if possible.

I made it and was unhitched by 1:00pm.  It did rain in the afternoon and there was a tornado 95 miles from here in the afternoon.

I am very happy with this park.  The state park I just left was $20 per night for electric, water and wifi and it was pretty muddy.  Here I am on a level very nice gravel pull-thru with electric, water, sewer, cable and wifi for $22 per night.  A lot of big rig units here. I think the park I stayed in Vidalia was $40 for the night.

After unhitching I wandered thru a few stores and stopped at Panera Bread for a salad to go and came back to the trailer.  I did a couple of loads of laundry and watched the Grammys.