Wednesday, Oct 17, 2012 (Day 32) – Moving on to Zion National Park

Left the Grand Canyon Trailer Village about 9:30am.  When I drove to the Grand Canyon, I came in the south entrance.  Today I left thru the east entrance.  There are severals stops along that drive to view the Grand Canyon.  I personally liked these stops more than the ones I had done the previous two days.

Another beautiful sunny day.  Drove 290 miles today.  It was a great drive.  Drove this morning in the sun thru a national forest to the stark beauty of Utah.  Another time change.  So I am now one hour time difference instead of two hours from home.  Between the confusion over the time difference and stopping too many times, I made it to the RV Park after dark.  This is the first time this trip I have arrived after dark.  I am staying at the Zion River Resort RV Park.  I am here for three nights.

Full hookups here including cable (Yeah!) and wifi.  I have not had TV for two weeks.

Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012 (Day 31) – Exploring more of the Grand Canyon

Started out about 8:30am today.  There are three shuttles – the blue one that takes you around the “village” portion…the lodges, campgrounds, market place, etc, etc.  If you want to see the scenic stops on the western portion of the South Rim, you ride the red bus.  If you want to see the scenic stops on the eastern portion of the South Rim, you ride the orange bus.  I did the red bus yesterday so I went on the orange bus today.    I liked the stops on the orange bus better.  Maybe I was just in a better mood….after about five stops it all just looks about the same.    The weather was sunny and warm again today.

I saw some young men that climbed way out on a rock that sticks out in the canyon and again many, many people choosing to go way too close to the edge.

Looking very closely for the idiots that climbed out to the edge

I went back to the trailer about 3:30 and was reading when a lady came to my door.  She is across the way from me in a very expensive motorhome (bus).  She said that when she got up this morning to take her dog out that a deer was right outside my door eating off the tree.  She had some pictures on her Iphone.  She is going to try to text them to me.

On Sunday when I drove up 64 highway to the Grand Canyon, I noticed this quirky place about 25 miles south of the canyon.  I was running late and did not stop so I decided to drive back down there this afternoon.  I guess you would call it a roadside attaction.  It is a store, cafe and campground called “Bedrock City”.  Behind the store is a life size Flintstones village.  The buildings were cute.  They do have some age on them and everything was not in great condition but it was amusing.

I was back in the Egg by 6:30pm.

Tomorrow I am moving on to Zion National Park.

Monday, Oct 15, 2012 (Day 30) The Grand Canyon

Yesterday was a long day so I did not get started until about 10:00am.  I walked from my trailer site to the bus stop and right along the road just a few yards from the bus stop were two deer eating some grass.   Took the Blue Village Bus to the Village Market Place to take the Red Bus around the Hermits Rest Route.  There are nine scenic stops along the way.  You can get off and another bus comes every ten minutes.  I got off at all the stops.  At one of the stops I overheard a couple talking about being from the Show me state.  I told them I was from Missouri also…turns out they are from Montrose…what are the odds that I would meet someone at the Grand Canyon that lives so close?

I continue to be astounded by the stupid actions of people.  Over and over I see people step over the rock trail barriers to get a better look or a better photo.  Come on…. it is a big hole in the ground….how much closer do you need to be??? Is it worth your life?

I had read about a book before I came and I saw it in the bookstores here in the park so I had to buy it …Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon….gripping accounts of all known fatal mishaps in the most famous of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders…let me know if you want to borrow it….

I went thru the Market Place store, gift shop and the Maswik Lodge.  There is wifi in the Market Place cafe so I went back to the trailer for my netbook and spent some time in the cafe….I also ate dinner…I had roasted chicken….it was very dry…I am not sure how many hours ago it had been roasted….the same with the roll.

One of the bus drivers said he would answer the #1 question he gets asked before anyone asked it…..Where is the glass walkway that goes out over the canyon? …the answer is a five hour drive and it is on an Indian Reservation and costs you about $80.  It is located on the west end of the Grand Canyon and is not a part of the national park.

I heard one of the RVr’s that has been here for a week say that on Saturday they had snow and sleet here.  Today was sunny and in the high 60’s I would say.

Elevation here is about 7000 feet.  Albuquerque was about 5000 feet.

About 6:00pm I went to the laundry facilities and did three loads of laundry.

Sunday, Oct 14, 2012 (Day 29) – ABQ to the Grand Canyon

Up at 6:00am, on the field by 6:40am.   It was chilly but the weather for flying was the best this morning of the entire 9 days.  It is amazing to see the balloons just squeezed together being inflated and one by one gently lifting off.  Jerry flew this morning with Anna (Joe’s wife).  They landed on a dead end street very close to power lines and fences.  They had the balloon down and called us as we could not find them.

Left ABQ about 10:30am.  Drove 420 miles to the Grand Canyon.  I am staying in the park in Trailer Village.  You get electric, water and sewer.  No cable and no wifi here and my cell phone has no reception either so no mobile hotspot.  Arrived just at dusk and finished setting up in the dark.  I am very excited to once again have full electricity and water hookup.   Spent a little time straightening up my little house.  Everything is so dusty.  Albuquerque is very dusty and spending 10 days in a dirt/gravel parking lot makes for dust everywhere.

I am so confused about what time it is.  I believe at home it currently is 9:57pm, in Albuquerque it would be 8:57pm and here it is 7:57pm.