#108 – Tuesday, July 23, 2013 (Day 11)–Heading Home

Left the RV park about 9:30am.  Drove 354 miles to Russell, KS.  Staying at the Triple J RV Park.  Not really impressed with this place but it will do for one night.  Not much to see along the way in Kansas but I have enjoyed my second audiobook as I finished the first one and stopped for a second one in Colorado Springs, CO.

Monday, July 22, 2013 (Day 10)–Shopping in Manitou Springs

This afternoon I walked up and down the historic downtown Manitou Springs area.  They have a thriving downtown area with a lot of funky shops and food options.  It was over 90 degrees today but with very little humidity it does not seem that bad.

About 6:00pm I went over to check out Red Rock Canyon for a few minutes.

Heading for home in the morning.

Sunday, July 21, 2013 (Day 9)–Pike’s Peak

I had a ticket for the 9:20 train to Pike’s Peak.  I had to arrive 30 minutes early to pick up my ticket. The depot is only 2 miles from the RV park.  The ticket was $35 and parking was $5.  Here is a photo of the train depot.


All the tickets are assigned seating by the railroad company.  I was lucky to get a window seat facing forward.  The seats were 3 seats on one side of an aisle and 2 seats on the other.  The uncomfortable part is that the seats are back to back so you are facing people and are knee to knee with them.

The trip is 1 hr and 20 min up then you get 30 minutes at the top and then 1 hr and 20 min back down.  It is 30-40 degrees colder at the top and very windy.   I was smart and wore jeans and took a heavy coat.  Many others were in shorts and flip flops and freezing.


Saturday, July 20, 2013 (Day 8)–Garden of the Gods

Stopped at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center and had lunch with a view…..


After lunch I drove into the park.  Unfortunately it was too crowded for a good visit.  There were no parking spaces at most of the scenic areas and it was warming up pretty fast so I left without seeing everything….


I stopped at a few stores in the afternoon.  I went back to the park about 5:00pm.  I walked up to the local pizza place across the street from the park and got a small pizza and took it back to the Egg.  About 7:00pm I went back to Garden of the Gods…it was still busy but not as bad.  I stayed until it started showering.  It has showered for the last few hours.


Here is a picture as I was leaving the park and you can see the rain in the distance..