Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013–Back Home

The hosts cooked sausage and pancakes for breakfast this morning.  I gave a couple more tours this morning.  I packed up and left the campground at 10:30 this morning.  Today was just as hot….over 100 degrees.

I stopped in Topeka for lunch and walked thru a few stores.

Arrived at Mom and Dad’s to put the egg to bed about 4:30pm.  I drove a total of 555 miles for this trip.

It was a nice trip but just miserably hot.

#110 – Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013–Day 2 at Kansas Eggstravaganza

This morning I left the campground about 9:30 and went into Junction City and then on to Manhattan, KS.  I shopped and had lunch.  I ate at a BBQ restaurant called Cox Bros. BBQ.  It was delicious.  You ordered in line and then they called you name to get your order.  I had the “Smoke Stack” sandwich.  It was beef and pork burnt ends.  It was great!  I like that they serve the meat without BBQ sauce and you add your own.  Good BBQ should be delicious without sauce and then sauce just adds to the flavor.

It reached 103 degrees here today.  Manhattan is supposed to have a very nice small zoo but it was too, too hot for this chick!   The agenda for tonight was to bring your own dinner and eat together and then the host was providing ice cream and we were each to bring a topping.

I stopped at Panera Bread for my favorite salad while I was in Manhattan and brought it back for dinner tonight.  I drove around the campgrounds here and down to the boat ramp.  I was amused by the following sign………….


I got back to the campground about 5:00pm.  When you arrive they give you a sign that says “Open House” that you can put out anytime you are willing to have visitors view your trailer.

I put my sign out and had a few people come by.  I took my salad to the dinner at 6:00pm.  Several people were envious of my salad.  A few more people asked to see the trailer so I gave more tours.  We had ice cream and more people asked for tours.  Everyone was very nice and complimentary.  Everyone is amazed at how spacious it is compared to the other egg type campers.

We had rally bags as well.  Each trailer is supposed to bring an inexpensive item to drop in bags so each trailer ends up with a bag of about 30 goodies.

Here are a few photos…..




Did you notice the giant chair?





And then….when it cooled down to a chilly 95 degrees someone lit a campfire!!!


#109 – Sept. 6, 2013–Kansas Eggstravaganza

I am in Milford, KS at the Farnum Creek Campground on Milford Lake.  I am attending an egg camper rally.  All of the egg shaped fiberglass trailers are known as egg campers.  There are different versions.  Mine just happens to be called EggCamper.  There are about 30 trailers here.  They are all Casita and Scamp except me and one other trailer.

The campground is about 210 miles from home.  It is about 11 miles north of Junction City, KS.

When I arrived about 4:30pm it was 99 degrees……too, too hot for me. 

My hot spot is working but no tv reception here.  There was a potluck tonight and then someone is playing a portable keyboard.    Here are a few photos:





The trailer above was made in 1970.