Monday, Sept. 2, 2019 – Labor Day, Windy, OMG and Are You Kidding Me!

I pulled out of Mitchell about 11:00am to a nice but very windy day.  It was windy all across South Dakota and south down to Missouri.  Terrible gas mileage.  I finished my 2nd audio book of the trip.

So it was pretty uneventful except for the wind most of the trip.  Drive, stop for gas, bathroom break, Dr Pepper and repeat.

I crossed the Missouri river just about sunset and it was lovely.   All was good until I passed Exit 3 and topped the hill at 55 miles an hour to traffic dead stopped in my middle lane…..OMG!!!  It is amazing how fast your mind starts going thru the options in your head in split seconds:

  • Can I stop in time?
  • If I get stopped in time, will the car behind me get stopped?
  • If I try a hard stop, will the trailer fishtail?
  • Do I have room to move to the left or right lane?
  • Can I see traffic coming over the hill well enough to move to the left or right?

So I decided on the hard stop and safely stopped in time and no one rear ended me thankfully.  Then we had to drive thru glass and car parts that were all over the road from the accident that had caused the back up.

So I safely survived that and continued the 60 miles left to get home.  I stopped 25 miles from home to get gas at $2.06 per gallon.  It is always cheaper than at home.  It is now dark and about 8:00pm.  I have been driving for 470 miles today and I am ready to get home.

Ten minutes later when I am 15 miles from home, I see red and blue flashing lights in my side mirror directly behind me.  Are you kidding me?  With the trailer I don’t see anything in my rear view mirror.  So I slowed down and pulled over.  I was driving less than 65 mph in a 70 so no problem there but my right headlight keeps blowing out and it was out again so the small town Archie police pulled me over.  He was nice and I was nice and he ran everything and then gave me a verbal warning.

I continued the last 15 miles and stopped at Mom’s and spent a little time with her.  I pulled in to my drive at 9:15pm.  I had set my mileage trip meter when I left the campground on Sunday in Sturgis.  In my drive the trip meter said exactly 800.0 miles.  306 miles on Sunday and 494 miles on Monday.  It was very warm and humid and in the 20 minutes I spent unhitching and taking some stuff inside I was dripping with sweat.

Home Sweet Home


#264 – Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019 – Heading for home

Packed up and left the campground about 10:30am.  It was going to be a very warm day.  It was 79 degrees when I left.  I stopped at Wall Drug for lunch.

I did not have a reservation for the night and I lost an hour with the time change back to Central Time so when I approached Mitchell, SD about 6:00pm I decided it was time to stop and find a site for the night.  I drove 306 miles today.

I overnighted at R & R Campground in Mitchell.  You definitely could tell you were back to higher humidity country.

I drove over to see the corn palace and then had some dinner before settling for the night.


#263 – Saturday, August 31, 2019 – Deadwood, South Dakota

Another lovely, sunny day.  I left the campground at noon to drive to Deadwood.  I had lunch, walked thru some casinos and tourist shops.  It is pretty small (population 1,304) so it does not take long.  You definitely could tell that it was a holiday weekend as their were a lot of people out and about enjoying the day.

I continued a lovely scenic drive to the south and around back to the campground at 6:30pm.


After I got back I walked over and talked to Linda, Pat, Anne and Rob.  I toured Anne and Rob’s Casita and another couple of trailers.  I joined Linda, Pat, Anne and Rob in going to the gathering patio for and hour or so until I was too chilly to stay.

This is the last night at this campground.  I would not choose to stay here again.  The campground is too far from town, the sites are either grass or very skinny rock sites.  They were full hook ups sites.  Over the air TV channels were pretty sparse, the wifi mostly was overloaded and you could not get any decent amount of time and of course my Sprint coverage cell phone still did not work here.

#262 – Friday, August 30, 2019 – Hanging Out

It was rainy and overcast in the morning.  I left the campground at noon and drove to Camping World and on to Rapid City.  Did a little shopping, stopped for a pedicure and had a 20 minute chair massage.

I visited the Chapel in the Hills which is actually in the middle of Rapid City.  The chapel is very small.  I did not take any indoor photos as they were preparing for a wedding.

“Nestled at the foot of the Black Hills, on the western edge of Rapid City, SD, the Chapel in the Hills is a quiet retreat open to all visitors. As a special ministry of the South Dakota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the chapel reaches out to vacationers and local residents alike, who look for a place to experience God’s peace in their busy lives.

The chapel itself is an exact reproduction of the famous Borgund Stavkirke of Laerdal, Norway. Our chapel was built in 1969 as the home for the Lutheran Vespers radio ministry (see “History“). Today, visitors from all around the world find the chapel to be a place of beauty and inspiration.”


I drove thru Sturgis which is a small town of less than 7,000 people with a lot of biker bars.

Back to campground at 7:30pm.

#261 – Thursday, August 29, 2019 – Beautiful Spearfish Scenic Drive

I woke up to see deer outside my trailer in the field behind my trailer.




It was a lovely, sunny day.  I left the campground at noon to drive to Belle Fourche and continue on to drive the lovely Spearfish scenic drive.


Spearfish Canyon


I arrived back at the campground about 6:30pm.  There was a patio gathering area at the campground with live music and a bar.  I went for an hour or so and enjoyed visiting with Pat and Linda.