Friday, Oct. 25, 2019 – Home Again

It rained on and off all night and thru the morning.  I finally went out when it was lightly raining and hitched up.  Wind, rain and 43 degrees is not fun camping.

So I pulled out of the park at noon in the rain and drove 310 miles home.  I finally ran out of rain at about 100 miles.  It was a messy, dreary drive home.  I did enjoy listening to a book off my Kindle during the journey.  I did stop in Joplin at a couple of stores.

I arrived home just before 8:00pm.  So between my allergies and the weather it was not a very successful trip but I always enjoy the Egg.

#266 – Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019 – OKC National Memorial and OKC Museum of Art

So the weather was supposed to be beautiful today and then drop like a rocket tomorrow to cold, wind and rain.  So I still don’t feel well and haven’t slept well for four nights.  I had planned on visiting six places over the two days here.  I decided to start with the top two on my list.

I drove to downtown OKC to visit the National Memorial.  They have an indoor museum and the outdoor memorial.  I chose not to visit the indoor memorial.  It was a nice sunny day but very windy (blowing that pollen all around).  It is a very nice tribute to the 168 people killed at 9:02 am on April 19, 1995.


After a little lunch I visited Oklahoma City Museum of Art to view the Dale Chihuly art glass permanent collection they have here.  Here are a few photos from the display.



This is a glass ceiling with the art glass above.


It was a very nice exhibit and they had a great film showing him and how they make the various types of glass.

It was 3:30 when I was done there and I was just exhausted and don’t feel well at all.

I decided to throw in the towel, stopped for some groceries and headed for the EggCamper.  The temperature reached 74 degrees today and was sunny and windy all day.

#265 – Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019 – One last quick trip for 2019

I left home just before noon and drove a little over 300 miles to arrive at Roadrunner RV Park in Oklahoma City, OK.  My allergies had flared up over the weekend but I decided to go ahead with the quick trip and hope they got better.  This park is on the south east side of Oklahoma City.  It is almost full.  It looks like a lot of traveling workers stay here.