Tuesday, Feb 28, 2017 – Escaping the miserable Missouri winter weather – HA-HA

I enjoy planning winter getaways to usually escape cold depressing winter weather in Missouri to get some warm sunny weather.  Well….that is quite a joke this year.  But plans were made, tickets were purchased and I needed some downtime anyway.

I arrived at the airport about 2:45PM.  The weather at 4:00pm in Kansas City was 72 degrees.  Flight left at 4:40pm.  It was full as all Southwest flights are these days.  Flight was pretty bumpy but arrived early at 8:00pm.  By 8:50pm I had my bags, my rental car (white Jeep Patriot) and was on the road.  Made a stop for Dr Pepper and some snacks.  I also stopped at Chick Fil A for a sandwich.  It was warm and humid.  In my hotel room by 10:15pm.


I am at All-Star Sports at Walt Disney World.  This is one of their “value” hotels.  After taxes I am paying about $105 per night.  If you stay offsite you have to pay $20 each day to park at the theme parks so I would have to have found a clean, safe hotel for $85 per night or less to be at the same or cheaper.  That is pretty hard to do these days.

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