Friday, March 29, 2013 (Day 53)–Home, Sweet, Home

It was raining this morning so I delayed leaving the RV Park until 10:00am to wait for the rain to pass.  This was another day I was glad to have my Sloggers rain shoes along.  I wear them when I hitch and unhitch.  Today I was standing in puddles of water an inch or more deep while it rained and my feet stayed dry.  They are also great in the mud and easily washed off.

I drove in gentle rain for about an hour.  At Mountain Grove, MO I pulled off to visit a friend for an hour.  I stopped in Springfield, MO for something to eat and then pushed on to arrive home about 8:00pm. I stopped by my parents house for a few minutes to see them and Kevin who was visiting for the weekend.  I drove 425 miles today.

One thing I did not mention earlier…..I definitely would have visited Washington, DC, Nashville, TN and Memphis, TN if I had not already visited those places twice before.

So……I drove a total of 6653 miles on the trip.  I looked back at the trip I took last fall and I drove 6640 miles then….that is wild to be so close without any planning.

I spent 52 nights in 27 different campgrounds/RV parks in 9 states.

Arkansas – 1 night

Louisiana – 4 nights

Alabama – 3 nights

Florida – 24 nights

Georgia – 3 nights

South Carolina – 9 nights

North Carolina – 6 nights

Tennessee – 1 night

Kentucky – 1 night

I definitely got a lot more experience in backing up the trailer (which I needed) on this trip and I am much faster on hitching and unhitching.

I enjoyed the journey and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to make the trip.  I am now going to be concentrating on finding a job and getting back to the real world.

EggCamper Chick Gayle Smile

3 thoughts on “Friday, March 29, 2013 (Day 53)–Home, Sweet, Home

  1. Good to hear that you’re back home. In nine days I’m leaving for Haiti. There are eight of us going from Mountain Home this time. We’ll be working withthekids at the orphanage again. Since we’re going about six weeks earlier, maybe it won’t be quite as hot as it was last year but it will probably still be steamy.

  2. Glad u had a safe home coming. It has been a real pleasure being part of you trip. Those great pictures made me feel like i was right there, I was almost breathing the fresh air. Best of luck on your job search. Please keep us posted. I’ll travel with you anytime. Best Wishes. Juan

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