Thursday, June 1, 2017 – Are you kidding me?? – Feeling lucky

I headed out to Arches National Park late this morning to continue where I left off.  They only have two entrance lanes to the park so traffic backs up waiting.  I had read where some people waited in line over an hour to get in.  Here is a photo I took waiting in line:


Stop, go, stop, go…..bang!! What!!

Someone ran into the back of me!  An older man driving a volvo hit my bumper hitch going 2 mph or something like that.  He just barely caught the right side of the hitch.

P1090409 (2)


His car suffered damage from the tangle.

P1090407 (2)

The very odd thing was they were from Springfield, MO.  I drive 1000 miles to get in a wreck with someone that lives two hours from me.


Here is a photo of my tiny site.  All of the sites are very, very small.  You will notice my orange cones.  I have had them since the beginning but rarely need to use them.  In this park they have no walking paths to the bathroom/shower building.  So…..the campers are supposed to walk down their row, across the end and then down the row to the building…..yeah….that is really happening.  What happens is that everyone just cuts thru all the sites.  It is considered rude in the rv world to walk thru occupied sites and the park has a ton of signage but I saw people do it over and over.  Of course, my site was right at the bathroom/shower building.


Apparently there are a lot of cottonwood trees here as there is cotton floating all across town.  It was very, very heavy in one corner of the RV park.



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