Friday, March 8, 2013 (Day 32)–Flea Market, Beach, Sunset

I left the campground this morning without the Egg and went to the Flea Market.  I don’t know why they call it a Flea Market.  It is officially called the Daytona Flea and Farmers Market and is open Fri, Sat and Sun every week.  It has 1000 booths and sells everything you could think of.  Fruit, vegetables, T-shirts, jewelry, makeup, purses, leather goods, and on and on.  It is so big you get lost.

I went today specifically to buy bifocal sunglasses.  They are very hard to find.  So I stocked up on sunglasses and reader glasses.  I spent $46.50 for seven pairs of glasses and six books.

Then I drove to Daytona Beach Shores and stopped at a beach access to take a few photos…….

IMG_0958 (640x427)IMG_0943 (640x427)IMG_0945 (640x427)IMG_0947 (640x427)

I drove down the main highway to see if anything had changed since my last visit.  Not much had changed.  Many of the hotels/motels have spaces marked off for the motorcycles and trailers for Bike Week.

I got back to the campground at 12:30.  I had time to hitch up the Egg, microwave leftover pizza for lunch and be off my site by 1:00 (check out time).   Have any of you tried the new Pizza Hut Sliders?  They are pretty good.  You get nine for $10.  The best thing is you get up to three toppings on each set of three.  So it is like you are getting three kinds of pizza.  They even reheat pretty decently in the microwave.

I took a few photos around the state park…yes…one I took holding the camera out of the sunroof while driving and …yes…one of them I stopped in the middle of the road and got out to take the photo of the EggCamper….no one was coming.

P1040703 (640x480)P1040711 (640x480)P1040712 (640x480)P1040714 (640x480)

I drove 20 miles north to my next state park.  I was very lucky to get a one night stay at Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area, Flagler Beach, FL.  This campground only has 34 sites and is oceanfront.  It is very difficult to get a reservation for this park.

Here is my site and my view…..I am not on the oceanfront side but this is my view between the two sites across from me that are oceanfront

P1040715 (640x480)P1040717 (640x480)

So the first thing I did after parking was walk down to the beach…..the sand is orange here…it was about 63 and windy today.

IMG_0974 (640x427)IMG_0996 (640x427)IMG_0997 (640x427)IMG_1001 (640x427)IMG_1006 (640x427)IMG_1036 (640x427)P1040719 (640x480)

About 3:30 I went across the highway to the other side of the park that borders an intracoastal waterway for a few minutes.

IMG_1073 (640x427)

About 4:00 I went to go find a supermarket to get Dr Pepper..I was down to my last bottle…found Target and few other stores, stopped at Panera for a salad to take back for dinner.  After I got back I went across the road to watch the sunset….you will see some differences as I took photos with two different cameras…

IMG_1105 (640x427)IMG_1122 (640x427)IMG_1135 (640x427)P1040731 (640x480)P1040747 (640x480)P1040748 (640x480)P1040749 (640x480)



3 thoughts on “Friday, March 8, 2013 (Day 32)–Flea Market, Beach, Sunset

  1. Yeah, I don’t like cold pizza either. The pictures of the beach at Daytona bring back memories. It’s very windy here today. I’ve been out cleaning some windows–something I usually do in autumn but hadn’t got around to last year. I had lunch at a pot luck lunch with my SS class today. Ciao

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