#127 – Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014 – On The Road Again

Happy Birthday Dad!!

This morning I threw stuff in the trailer and left town at 9:30am.  So far I know of one thing I forgot but it is not that important.  Lovely day for a road trip.

I stopped at Kearney for lunch and gave a tour of the EggCamper on the first gas stop of the trip.

I continued north, listening to an audiobook.  I had not made a reservation but I was planning on stopping at Clear Lake Iowa State Park for the night.  That would have been about 368 miles.  I was then moving on to Prior Lake, MN the next day.  About an hour before reaching Clear Lake I was feeling fresh and decided I wanted to just continue on to Prior Lake.  I called and they could get me in tonight in addition to Sunday night as I had already reserved.

Pulled into Dakota Meadows RV Park at Prior Lake, MN about 7:20pm just in the last few minutes before full dark.  I drove 484 miles today.

Dakota Meadows RV Park is next to Mystic Lake Casino Hotel.  It is in a suburb of Minneapolis.  They have 122 paved sites.  Great lighting, security and shuttles to the casino.  They even have a dedicated RV wash here.

I took a walk around some of the RV park in the dark to stretch my legs and it looks pretty full.  I did not see too many empty sites.  No cable hook up here but my antenna is pulling in several channels so I am a happy camper.  Of course since I am in the middle of a city my cell phone works great which means my hotspot works.  I am expecting several days during this trip that I will not have cell phone service.

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