Friday, Oct 14, 2016 -Santa Claus, IN

I left Lazy Day Campground about 10:15am and drove about 275 miles to arrive at Lake Rudolph Campground, Santa Claus, IN about 5:15pm.  It was 63 degrees and showering.

Santa Claus, IN has a population of 2500 in a county with a population of 20,000. They are 45 minutes from Evansville which is a fairly large city.  Lake Rudolph Campground is next to a small but beloved theme park I had read about called Holiday World.  This campground is very different.  They have RV and tent sites like normal but they also have brought in RV’s of different sizes that they rent out as well as cabins, etc.  It is a little hilly and the sites are not very level and they are crowded in every where they can stick one.  It is a very family oriented RV resort.  There are children everywhere.  There are also golf cars as they call them…..everywhere.  They rent hundreds of them out.

My site (P15) is not level and is on a small single-file road.  Seven weekends in September and October they have Halloween weekends.  Costume contests, site decorating contests, trick or treating, golf car decorating contests and on and on.  Holiday World also has all kinds of special Halloween activities as well.


I am in the cheapest site available and with tax it is $54.57 per night with a two night minimum for the special weekends.  Pretty expensive for a campground but the place is full.  Sites for larger RV’s that need 50 amp are $63 plus tax per night.  The rental RV’s run between $115 and $170 plus tax per night.  The cottages and cabins are $181 to $243 plus tax per night.

Indiana has 92 counties and 12 of them observe central time and 80 of them observe eastern time.  I am in the central time zone here.

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